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tiny coke cola bottles
tiny coke cola bottles 1) coke bottles sets mixed varieties
tiny coke cola bottles 2) coke bottles sets all red label regular

Tiny Coke Cola Bottles

SKU: CokeBottles Sets-2
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Dimensions: 1 1/8" Tall

Material: Resin

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Tiny Coke Cola Bottles          Coke Bottles Sets

We have a new order in of the Coke Cola Bottles. This time they come in 4 "flavors", Red Regular Coke, Silver Diet Coke, Black Zero Coke and Green Lime Coke.  We have package them as a set of 4.  Sold as singles or sets at our Markets. Sent by USPS Only.

1) Coke Bottles Sets Mixed Varieties    Mixed Sold out

2) Coke Bottles Sets All Red Label Regular