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pixie boys figurines          161530 SALE
pixie boys figurines          161530 1) 161530r red hat with bird pixie SALE
pixie boys figurines          161530 2) 161530b blue hat with bunny pixie SALE

Pixie Boys Figurines 161530

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SKU: 161530R
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Dimensions: 1.75 inches wide and 2.5 inches tall

Material: Resin

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Pixie Boys Figurines          161530

These bashful pixie boys have a special appreciation for little woodland critters! Our assortment of fairy garden figurines features 2 different pixies each holding their own animal. Place these figurines anywhere in your fairy garden to create realistic scenes.Seated pixie boy figurines

1) 161530R Red Hat with Bird Pixie

2) 161530B Blue Hat with Bunny Pixie