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ice cream shop birdhouse        sg-18683
ice cream shop birdhouse        sg-18683

Ice Cream Shop Birdhouse SG-18683

SKU: SG-18683


Dimensions: 9" x 7.5" x 10.5"


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Care instructions:Any Birdhouses that are displayed outside should be protected with a Sealant to preserve color!

Ice Cream Shop Birdhouse        SG-18683

We all love ice cream! Reminiscent of times long ago, this cute birdhouse reminds us of the local ice cream and milkshake shop. Subtle colors of mint green, mauve and yellow accents make this birdhouse perfect for any patio.           

Care Note: Suggest spraying all birdhouses with wood sealant to provided longer life.

Supplier SOld Out: ETA  07/2023