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hanging hummingbirds              x-542-4
hanging hummingbirds              x-542-4 1) x-512-p   pink/purple hummingbird
hanging hummingbirds              x-542-4 2) x-512-g   green hummingbird
hanging hummingbirds              x-542-4 3) x-512-b    blue/teal hummingbird

Hanging Hummingbirds X-542-4

SKU: X-542-G
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Dimensions: 3 1/2" Long approx

Material: Resin

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Hanging Hummingbirds              X-542-4

Considered to be a Symbol of Joy, a Hummingbird Makes the Perfect Addition – This Shiny Polystone Hummingbird Ornament Comes Assorted in Three Different Colors and Hangs from the Branch by a Gold Colored Thread.  

1) X-542-P   Pink/Purple Hummingbird    

2) X-542-G   Green Hummingbird      

3) X-542-B    Blue/Teal Hummingbird