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Gopher Polysone Box Turtles WW-1718-5

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Dimensions: 5 1/4" Long

Material: Polystone

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Gopher Polysone Box Turtles               WW-1718-5

Known to be Slow Moving Creatures, They are Said to be the Longest Living Land Animals, and This Fellow is a Handsome Representative Figurine.

Assorted Polystone Box Tortoises Comes in Four Different Colors or Shades – Each Shown Here and Just as Cute as Can Be – Excellent Quality and Detailing !  


1. WW-1718-G  Green Gopher Turtle       

2. WW-1718-Y  Yellow Gopher Turtle

3. WW-1718-O Orange Gopher Turtle

4. WW-1718-DB Dark Brown Gopher Turtle