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drunken miniature gnomes         dmg131-4
drunken miniature gnomes         dmg131-4 1) dmg13-1   laying down-sitting-peeing gnomes with campfire
drunken miniature gnomes         dmg131-4 2) dmg13-2  barebutt-kneeling-drunken gnomes with stump & cup

Drunken Miniature Gnomes DMG131-4

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Dimensions: All Under 3" Tall

Material: Resin

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Drunken Miniature Gnomes         DMG131-4

You Asked, and We Delivered! Just in, The Sets of Drunken Mini Gnomes.  2 Different sets.

1) DMG13-1   Laying Down-Sitting-Peeing Gnomes with Campfire

2) DMG13-2  BareButt-Kneeling-Drunken Gnomes with Stump & Cup