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blue resin sea turtle shell trinket dish                     ww-353b-9
blue resin sea turtle shell trinket dish                     ww-353b-9

Blue Resin Sea Turtle Shell Trinket Dish WW-353B-10

SKU: WW-353B-S
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Dimensions: 5 1/2" Long

Material: Polystone Resin

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Care instructions:Not recommended for outside

Sea Turtle Blue Shell Trinket Dish         WW-353B-10

This elegant Blue Resin Sea Turtle Trinket Dish expertly crafted from polystone features a sleek, sea turtle design. Perfect for displaying prized collectibles or jewelry, this trinket dish reliably and securely stores your most beloved items with a stunning design.

A Beautiful Decorative Sea Turtle Figurine Made of Polystone, But That’s Not All…The Shell of Turtle has a Hinged Lid That Lifts Open to Reveal a Storage Compartment Underneath