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gecko lizards figurines  11"      cb0971183 3) cb0971183g   green gecko figurine
gecko lizards figurines  11"      cb0971183
gecko lizards figurines  11"      cb0971183

Green Gecko Lizard Figurine 11" CB0971183G

SKU: CB0971183G
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Dimensions: 11 3/4" X 6" x 2"

Material: Resin

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Care instructions:Recommend any Figurine that is displayed outside should be sprayed with a Clear Sealant, If item is glossy, then use a Gloss Spray, if item is dull, then use a Matte Spray.

11" Green Gecko Lizards Figurine       CB0971183G   

These Wide-Eyed Resin Lizards will not eat bugs, but for sure will look cute in your Tropical Decor. They are also able to hang on the wall if you so desire. Three Different Colors

 CB0971183G   Green Gecko Figurine    Only 2 Left

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